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Transmission Fluid
Dexron VI
Multi- Vehicle ATF
Mercon Dexron III
Multi-Vehicle HV  ATF Full Synth
Power Steering Fluid
Gear Oil
Premium 75w90
Premium 80w-90
Premium 75w-140
Premium 80w-140
Premium 85w-140
Synthetic Gear Oil 75w-90
Synthetic Gear Oil 80w-90
Synthetic Gear Oil  75w-140
Synthetic Gear Oil 80w-140
Hydraulic Oil
AW-32 ISO VG 32
AW-46 ISO VG 46
AW-68 ISO VG 68
AW 5W-20 All Season
Tractor Fluid UTHF JD - J20C
Tractor Fluid UTHF 303

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