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Olefin Copolymer (OCP) – VI Improver

Prinzol VSI series of viscosity index improvers are premium quality oil soluble Olefin Copolymers. VSI series are manufactured to be compatible with multiple oil formulations while maintaining a wide shear stability range and high thickening efficiency.


Prinzol VSI series of VI Improvers are sold in both solid rubber and liquid forms. 

Detergents and Corrosion Inhibitors

Prinzol DCI series of detergents and corrosion inhibitors prevents rust, corrosion and resin buildups in engines. Corrosion in internal combustion engines occur as a result of sulfuric acid formed by the sulfur content of low grade fuels and oils mixtures with water. Also, oil thickening in the engine may lead to buildups of sludge, resin, varnish and other acids and may cause corrosion. To prevent such problems, detergents are added to the oil.

Detergents adheres to metal to prevent corrosion and also adheres to dirt and other insoluble components to prevent the buildup of a certain component by keeping the particles suspended. Some detergents also aids to prevent concentrations of acids formed by sulfur and other components while other components can be used as oxidation inhibitors.

Dispersants and Emulsifiers

Prinzol DEI series of dispersants aids to prevent sludge, tar, varnish and other compound buildups. The DEI series dispersants are intended for use in gasoline and heavy duty diesel engine oils, natural gas engine oils, ATF's, EP Gear Oils, and aviation piston engine oils.

Prinzol Emulsifiers enable two fluids to form a mixture by reducing the surface tension. Emulsifiers enable smooth oil-in-water emulsions and boost fire resistant properties. Prinzol Emulsifiers improve oil properties for emulsion over long periods of time and maintain excellent lubricating properties of the oil. Prinzol Emulsifiers can be used for hydraulic, rock drill and metal working applications.

Foam Inhibitors

Prinzol FID series of foam inhibitors works to adjust the surface tension of the oil and causes foam to deplete more rapidly. The FID series alters the structure of air bubbles by combining small bubbles to create larger sized bubbles.  During the agitation process, larger bubbles tend to burst more easily. This leads to an increase in the overall quality of the oil, superior operational efficiency and a decrease in heavy oil oxidation.  

Friction Modifiers       

Prinzol FMD series of friction modifiers, when added to oil, helps to reduce wear, scratching, scraping and noise which occur as result of two rubbing surfaces. Friction modifiers are mixed with oil during the blending process to decrease the rate of surface friction of parts such as gears and other moving parts and prevent micro pitting.

Prinzol FMD series are recommended for use with shock absorbers, gears, automatic and manual transmissions, power steering systems, and other hydraulic systems.        

Pour Point Depressants

Prinzol PPD series of pour point depressants allow base oils to flow and function efficiently at extremely low temperatures. Pour point of a certain fluid refers to the minimum temperature at which the fluid will flow. Generally, flow of oils is often correlated with the amount of wax in oil. Wax may freeze or block oil from flowing at freezing temperatures. Although base oils are dewaxed, small concentrations of wax may remain. For oils with high viscosity, its ability to flow during freezing temperatures may be hindered. To overcome such obstacle, pour point depressants are added to lower the pour point temperature by almost 40°C.

Prinzol PPD series are recommended for most motor oils, gear oils, hydraulic oils, transmission fluids and other industrial oils.

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